John Wall's feud with Stephen A. Smith on Rosebar is the Wizards version of the NBA finals


One day after defining the situation of the Wizards "an abomination" and "a shame", criticizing the coach Scott Brooks and tearing the contract to John Wall, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN had other harsh words for the NBA team in Washington 2- 8.

"A catastrophe is in progress in Washington, in our nation's capital, as far as basketball is concerned," said Smith on Thursday "First Take".

"… The situation with John Wall is so bad that I'm photographing John Wall, [where] people are seeing it. They are taking to Rosebar, one of the most famous nightclubs, if not the most popular nightclub in Washington, DC. They are talking about habits outside the field. John Wall, be careful! "

Apparently, Wall was paying attention. The playmaker had the wind of Smith's comments and shared a message for his critics during a Live Instagram session from Orlando, where the Wizards will bring the Magic on Friday.

"It's a long season, everyone does not start big," He said. "Continue to be a fan, I will continue to circle, if you do not like it, you can do it.

One commentator asked why Wall, who was relaxing in a hot tub, was not in the gym.

"I'm not in the gym because I just left practice" one hour or two ago, so now I relax with my feet, "Wall said. "But do not tell the fans that I told you they think I should stay in the gym all day."

Later, Wall confirmed that he attended Rosebar and said he had found a meme that was released by him with the Photoshop nightclub logo on his "fun" Wizards jersey.

"I'm going to Rosebar on Saturday," said Wall. "What, should not you party once in a blue while? The f-? Where are you, Opera? Stay?"

(Full disclosure: Initially I interpreted the last part of the previous quote as Wall that shot fans who like to relax at work or in their living rooms.) Then I realized that these are the names of others, apparently inferior, discos in Washington I go out a lot.)

The Wizards defense is not the worst in the league because of Wall's club habits, but this is not the first time this year that has defended the way it spends its time away from the field.

"You have a 9-5, what do you do after your 9-5?" He said before the season. "You're not sitting at home all day, are you, I'm a grown man and I can do what I want, I know what I do and I'm at the table, and that's a 110% effort. and I will enjoy life, I am not going to sit at home and get bored. "

I do not see the time that Wall and Smith will co-host a future event in Rosebar, which could not buy the advertising it received on Thursday.

"I think I've been to Rosebar once, but I'm not sure, but I know it's the hottest nightclub in Washington, I'll tell you, I'm going," Smith told First Take. "I do not apologize, but it's a different topic for another day, I do not have to play in front of the Wizards [fans], I will not be paid more than $ 30 million and I have not scheduled $ 46.9 million in the last year of my contract in four years".

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