Johnny Depp demanded that Warner fire Amber Heard from Aquaman

MADRID, Dec. 13 (CulturaOcio) –

The war between Johnny depp y Amber Heard keep going. After knowing that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor plans to go to the Court of Appeals to appeal the sentence against The Sun, information has now appeared on how the interpreter tried to get Warner Bros. to fire Amber Heard of the first installment of ‘Aquaman’, as well as other inflammatory comments against his ex-wife.

As revealed The Hollywood Reporter In an extensive report, Depp tried by all means that Heard did not appear in the hit film directed by James Wan and starring Jason Moma. “I want her to be replaced in the WB movie“he wrote to his sister, producer Christi Dembrowski, who previously had a deal with Warner. Ultimately, this did not happen.

For now Depp is out of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts’ sagas. From the first case, Disney, directly, announced a reboot of the franchise focused on female characters in which, in principle, the character of Jack Sparrow will not be counted. In the second case, Warner decided to dispense with Depp after he lost his lawsuit against The Sun, who called him a “wife abuser, and has finally been replaced by Mads Mikkelsen in el papel de Grindelwald.

Even though Heard was not cast from ‘Aquaman’, there is a strong movement in social networks so that the actress does not participate in the sequel. The petition for Warner to fire the actress managed to exceed one and a half million signatures. For now the study does not intend to do without the interpreter, who replied that “paid campaigns do not decide distributions“.

THR’s report includes several statements from Depp that appear in the judge’s ruling Andrew Nicol about Depp’s defamation allegations against The Sun, which the actor lost. Among the comments that the media brings to light are statements by the actor against Heard with the actress’s former agent or with other acquaintances.


“[Heard está] pleading for total humiliation on a global level. I need your text messages about San Francisco, “Depp begins by declaring to Christian Carino, who represented the artist in the past.”I have no mercy, no fear, not a shred of emotion or what I thought at the time was love for this low-level gold digger“, he continues commenting.

The post also exposes other more inflammatory comments by Depp, including one in which he tells actor Paul Bettany that “Amber Heard should be burned.” The ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ actor takes it as a joke until Depp responds: “Let’s choke her before we burn her! Then I’ll fuck her burned corpse to make sure she’s dead right“.

The report also shows that, due to the actor’s legal problems, and his controversies related to his ex-wife, his price as a front-line star is very low. “You can’t work with it now, it’s radioactive“, declares a director of study to the North American means.

Johnny Depp’s court battles will have a new episode in 2021. In addition to the Court of Appeals, a stay that is one notch below the Supreme Court in British justice, on the case against The Sun; In May 2021, she will begin her trial against Heard for defamation following an article the actress wrote about gender violence in The Washington Post in 2018.

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