Johnny Depp “searched” Amber’s private parts for cocaine

Amber Heard fights back. Now she and her lawyers are removing Johnny Depp’s dirty shirts in the now 13-day court battle.

Amber Heard almost cried several times while the first witness was questioned by her team. It was Dr. Down Hughes from New York, a clinical and forensic psychologist who is an expert on domestic violence, reports the Daily Mail.

Dr. Hughes recounted horrific cases she claimed Hurd had told her, mostly about Depp’s sexual assault on her.

The psychologist said that when Depp was drunk, he threw Hurd on the bed, tore her nightgown and tried to have sex with her.

“She confessed to me how he forced her to make oral love to him when he was angry. These were not moments of love, these were dominant moments“says Hughes.

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According to the specialist, it was “acceptable for Depp to tear Amber Heard’s nightgown, run his fingers through her vagina, looking for cocaine.” Another time, Depp stuck his fingers in her private parts and forcibly had sex with her in the closet.

The incident in Australia, in which Depp lost his fingertip, was “one of the worst”. Dr. Hughes said: “When he beat and strangled her, telling her he hated her and would kill her, Miss Hurd parted from her body and seemed to come out of it to survive. The only thing she thought was, ‘Oh my God, I hope it’s not broken. “

When he was drunk, Depp often resorted to forced sex, and became angry if Amber did not participate properly. Hurd gritted her teeth and struggled to control her emotions.

There was also the physical violence suffered by Hurd-Depp to push, push, strangle and kick her in the back. She received “mostly bruises”, cuts and “vaginal pain” from some of the sexual assaults.

Hurd said she lost consciousness twice after fighting Depp in Australia and in December 2015.

Depp was also very jealous and did not agree to Amber showing her breasts in movies. He called every actor Amber had filmed with to warn that he had “eyes” on the set.

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It is now Amber’s turn to call witnesses, and she is expected to speak today, after jurors heard more than two dozen witnesses called by Depp’s lawyers by Tuesday, including Depp himself.

Depp’s last witness, forensic accountant Mike Spindler, said, “In my opinion, Mr. Depp suffered lost profits of approximately $ 40 million,” because of a 2018 article in which Amber indirectly accused him of domestic violence.

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