Johnny Hallyday: what made Eddy Mitchell laugh at the popular tribute


During the "Johnny Made in France" documentary, Eddy Mitchell is back in a painful moment: the funeral at the Madeleine du Taulier but tells a very amusing anecdote that took place during the ceremony.

It will be almost a year since Johnny Hallyday left his arms. The Taulier is gone but it is still in everyone's memory. In any case, it is present in the head of Eddy Mitchell, his friend for almost 60 years. The two men had met while they were still teenagers.

The interpreter "mint color with water" was one of the artists interviewed by France 3 for the documentary Johnny made in France, broadcast this Friday, November 9th. Even Maxime Nucci or Patrick Bruel participated in this new television tribute. But in the case of Eddy Mitchell, it's special. Because he returned to an anecdote that marked him at the funeral of Johnny Hallyday at Madeleine.

" There was something extraordinary in the church "Remember the artist, and to continue:"At the end of the ceremony, everyone went out and, while I was in the front row, I was one of the last to go out. The priest's microphone remained connected. He thought it was over and he said: And now, he's going to fuck a fuck in heaven!The anecdote was not published, none of the personalities present at the ceremony had talked about this light moment.

A fun little incident that must have enjoyed Johnny Hallyday from heaven and that may have allowed some to smile despite the pain and pain that they could experience that day. In any case, the little prank of the priest was validated by Eddy Mitchell, who concludes his speech with a " is cute ".

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