Joint Personnel of the West Bangka Police and Related Agencies Clean Up Combating the Dengue Outbreak

Bangka Barat l – Still in the context of fighting the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) outbreak, a combination of West Bangka Police personnel and related agencies led by the Regent of West Bangka Regency H. Sukirman carried out community clean-up activities focused on Kp. Tanjung Laut, Kec. Muntok West Bangka Regency. Friday (03/12/2021).

Activity Videos

The activity was attended by the West Bangka Regent, West Bangka Regional Secretary, West Bangka Polres Polairud Head, Dandim 0431 West Bangka, Al Muntok Danpos, members of West Bangka Police, West Bangka BPBD, West Bangka KSOP, West Bangka Basarnas, Muntok Health Center Head, Bangka Satpol PP West, Department of the environment, PMI West Bangka, residents of Tanjung Village.

West Bangka Police Headquarters AKP Candra Wijaya SH.MH, with the permission of the West Bangka Police Chief AKBP Agus Siswanto SH.SIK.MH said that the cleaning activities carried out were one of the manifestations of a clean healthy lifestyle and care for the environment, as well as to prevent disease. One of them is the Corona virus outbreak and dengue fever.

“We are creating a clean environment, especially now that there is a lot of news about the spread of the Corona virus and dengue fever and we are doing this clean-up activity as an effort to prevent the corona virus and dengue outbreak,” said Polair Head. (Agus Editor)

Source: West Bangka Police

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