Entertainment Joko and Klaas lose show against ProSieben - the...

Joko and Klaas lose show against ProSieben – the penalty follows immediately

Joko and Klaas lose show against ProSieben – the penalty follows immediately

The moderators Joko and Klaas again competed against ProSieben. This time they suffered a defeat and now have to endure the punishment.

In the latest episode “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben”, the entertainer duo had to assert themselves against their employer ProSieben in six games and one final on Tuesday evening. But they were not granted a win and thus 15 minutes of live broadcasting time as a win this week. Instead, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf have to take on an annoying task as punishment.

The two TV stars have to record all trailers for the film preview on ProSieben for a week. The broadcaster already gave a foretaste on Twitter.

This is how the show went

In most games, the station can be represented by prominent faces. And they ended up being stronger than the comedy stars. The opponents include entertainers Max Giermann and Kathrin Bauernfeind. Joko and Klaas won four of the six preliminary round games and thus gained an advantage in the final: Instead of ten tasks, they only had to solve six under time pressure – but that was not enough for the victory.

The TV viewers were nevertheless enthusiastic and posted how entertaining the show was. The success of the program can also be seen in the quotas.

Last week, the two entertainers were superior to the broadcaster and won the 15 minute broadcast time. They used this sensibly and achieved a media echo across Germany: with the exhibition “Men’s Worlds” on the subject of violence against women, they showed TV viewers shocking experiences and pictures of women in everyday life with men.


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