Jokowi is happy when Puan mentions the Two Wings of a Bird

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was seen clapping at the statement of the Chairman of the DPR RI Mrs. Empress which judges men and women like two wings of a bird that complement each other to achieve the goal of high-flying.

Even though he was covered in a brown mask, Jokowi’s face looked happy when he heard the statement made by Puan in a speech at the 2022 MPR Annual Session at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Tuesday (16/6).

“A man and a woman are like the two wings of a bird. If the two wings are equally strong, then the bird will fly to the highest peak,” said Puan who was greeted with applause.



Puan said that if one of the bird’s wings was broken, it would certainly not be able to fly. Therefore, the spirit of the two wings of a bird must be emphasized in building a democratic life in Indonesia.

Both women and men together promote the same dignity, dignity, progress and welfare.

He emphasized that Indonesia as a democratic country, there is room for people’s participation. The state must also ensure that the space for people’s participation can be well organized and not unlimited.

“It even provides space for the articulation of women in all fields,” said Puan.

Puan assessed that the involvement of women in every position is not an affirmative policy, but an awareness of respect for human dignity.

So far, he is of the view that women have been very active and take strategic roles in all fields. Both in the economic, social, political, environmental, sports, science, research, and other sectors.

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“Democracy is not unlimited freedom. The limit of the rights of every citizen in a democratic country is to ensure that the rights of other citizens are equally important,” he said.


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