Jolanta Pieńkowska returned to “Dzień Dobry TVN” and revealed her dream: “WE WOULD LIKE TO TALK WITH THE POPE”

Jolanta Pieńkowska started adventure with TVN in 2006. Until 2014, she co-hosted “Dzień dobry TVN”, and on TVN Style she was the host of “The City of Women”. In September 2014, it switched to TVN24 BiS, and then completely disappeared from the station. Nevertheless, TVN still remembers about her. So much that even recently they were considering bringing Jolanta to the refreshed “City of Women”.

In the end, nothing came of it, but Jolanta Pieńkowska – as if to wipe her tears – showed herself in “Dzień Dobry TVN”. She was the protagonist of Mateusz Hładki’s Monday report, in which she revealed, among other things, that she is currently involved in foreign policy.

The justification for me is that I started working in 1990, when the changes took place after 1989. I was lucky to start working in the new “Wiadomości” and not “Dziennik Telewizji”. We, as a team of these emerging “Wiadomości”, felt that we were building a new Poland. Now I have such a feeling that I have grown out of it a bit, that this Polish politics is absolutely not as fascinating as it used to be, and what is happening in the world fascinates me – she confessed.

Jolanta also said what her current career dreams are. It turns out that the horizons of Leszek Czarnecki’s wife are wide.

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Pieńkowska also raised issues related to her private life and assessed herself as a mother. The journalist is a mother Mateusz Matczak, now a 34-year-old man. Years ago, she appeared with him in the cult program “We have You”, where Mateusz pretended to be chained to a tree. You can see that they have great relationships with each other now.

I think that if you have a completely adult son who constantly sends text messages, writing about the fact that when I leave somewhere, he misses me a lot, loves me a lot, then I guess I am not and I was not a bad mom. This is the privilege of becoming a mother at a very young age. Then these relationships are completely different, because the child has a child and is a little bit intuitive and less aware of what motherhood is. – she summed up.

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