Jony Ive would have been frustrated by Cook's lack of involvement in the products


It is a frustrated Jony Ive who will leave Apple in the coming months. In a survey, the Wall Street Journal confirm information from FT is Bloomberg according to which the chief designer had not really had the courage to work for a few years (read: Jony Ive, a freed designer).

In particular, the most operational turning point taken by Apple under the direction of Tim Cook. Jony Ive would have been frustrated by the fact that the management team is increasingly embracing finance and operations profiles rather than other areas that are part of Apple's DNA.

Jony Ive presents the new Mac Pro to Tim Cook at the end of the WWDC 2019 keynote.

The designer, who worked in tandem with his "Spiritual partner" Steve Jobs, was also discouraged by Tim Cook's lack of involvement in products. This last one rarely visits the design studio, as it admits, unlike its predecessor.

Tim Cook has done everything possible to keep his star designer as long as possible. He granted her a salary (the sum of which is still secret) far superior to that of the other leaders, which would have irritated some of them.

Even Tim Cook gave the green light to Apple Watch, a project carried out by Jony Ive, which pushed to make the watch a fashion accessory. The engagement of Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, and the creation of an Apple Watch edition in gold for € 11,000 are his work. Thousands of gold units would not have found buyers. Since then, Apple has refocused its watch on health.

In 2015, the managing director also accepted the designer's request to distance himself from daily activities to complete the Apple Park. A change that has left the design team somehow orphaned, according to a source from Wall Street Journal : "The team had to stay with him. They were disappointed that he was moving away. They always wanted the green light to go on."

Two years later, Tim Cook asks Jony Ive to take the reins of the design team, which he accepts, but without putting the same spirit of the past. An evocative episode is a meeting on what would become the iPhone X. Grouped in January 2017 in a private club in San Francisco, the twenty members of the design team will wait three hours before their leader does not queue his nose. Above all, Jony Ive will not bother to decide pending problems, such as the animation to be set when switching from the lock screen to the home screen, while there is little time to finalize the project.

The departure of the British this year will not mark the end of his work for Apple. He will continue to work with Apple through his new LoveFrom studio. Apple would pay "Millions of dollars a year" to keep his contribution.

Jony Ive said he wanted to keep working wearable. He could complete the glasses for augmented reality, which would show messages and cards, which he would start in Cupertino.

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