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Prince Hamzah is accused of undermining security in Jordan by trying to mobilize clan leaders against the government.

He is said to have been outspoken about corruption in the country. He is also accused of having planned a conspiracy against the authorities together with foreign intelligence.

This weekend he was placed under house arrest with his wife and children. BBC has published a video in which he explains that he is without a phone and online, and that he is not allowed to meet anyone else.

He denies all charges against him.

– I am not responsible for the collapse of the government, the corruption or incompetence that has ravaged the last 15-20 years. Nor am I responsible for the lack of trust the authorities have among the people. We have reached a point where no one can express themselves without being arrested, harassed and threatened, he says.

On Tuesday, Jordan’s attorney general banned the conflict in the media.

– The ban on publishing applies to all audiovisual media and social media, as well as the publication of photos and video clips related to the topic, it was said in an announcement.

Prince Hamzah (right) is the half-brother of King Abdullah, who withdrew his crown prince title in 2004.

Photo: Yousef Allan / AP

Receives support from several countries

Authorities in a number of Jordan’s allied countries have expressed support for King Abdullah after the case became known, including the United States, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

On Monday, Hamzah said he would defy the house arrest order, but today he is said to have sworn allegiance to the royal family.

According to CNN The royal house has published a letter with Hamzah’s signature, stating that he will always be a supporter of the king and the crown prince.

“I make myself available to His Majesty the King, and confirm that I will always be loyal to the legacy of our horrors, their calling and His Majesty the King. “National interests must take precedence over everything else, and we must all support his work to ensure the best for the Jordanian people,” the letter reads.

The signature indicates that he is in the house of his uncle, Prince Hassan. He is said to have been given the job of mediating in the conflict, and has also signed the letter.

Prince Hamzah is the eldest son of the late King Hussein and Queen Noor, but is no longer Crown Prince.

Photo: Hussein Malla / AP

14 people arrested

Hamzah was originally considered the natural successor to his father, King Hussein. But when he died in 1999, Hamzah was seen as too young and inexperienced.

His half-brother Abdullah became king instead. He gave Hamzah the title of Crown Prince, but withdrew it in 2004.

It is very unusual for members of the inner circle of the royal family in the country to criticize how the country is governed.

In addition to Hamzah’s house arrest, 14 people have been arrested in connection with the charges. Among them are a former chief of staff, a royal envoy to Saudi Arabia and several prominent politicians.

Jordan’s foreign minister has claimed that Hamzah and his network had contact with an Israeli citizen with links to the Mossad intelligence service.

This person is said to have offered to transport Hamzah and his family out of the country by private jet.

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