"Jordan Diabetes Care" .. Educational programs to increase awareness of the disease


Aziz Ali

OmanUnder the theme "Family and diabetes, diabetes is at the center of every family", the Jordanian Diabetes Association celebrated the International Day in the Royal Hall with the support of the pharmaceutical group Al Hikma.
Participated in the ceremony opened by the Secretary General for Educational and Technical Affairs d. Mohammed Al-Akour, president of the Jordanian Association of Deaf and Diabetes Specialists Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Khawaldeh, President of the Jordan Diabetes Association Ndima Shakm, President of the National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics d. Kamel Ajlouni.
President of the Jordanian Association for Diabetes Care Nadeema Shukm praised the role of the Ministry of Culture in supporting the Diabetes Care Society through the establishment of educational and awareness workshops for children in the recreational field that was held 6/11 for four days in which many Arab countries participated in the camp. "The ministry has integrated children with diabetes in theater for Jordanian children to participate in theater performances, as well as media coverage of the activities organized by the association," he said.
Shekum ​​said that the association celebrates a considerable number of supporters and supporters of the idea of ​​"prevention dirham best of the quintals of treatment" every year and instructing them on how to live and control the disease is the best solution for reach the vision of the field "my future health", noting that Jordan is the second state in the Middle East and North Africa, which is eager to hold such a gathering.
The Sheikh praised the cooperation between the Jordanian Association of Endocrinologists, Diabetes and Metabolism and the Jordanian Society for Atherosclerosis and Hypertension to Raise Diabetes and Pressure on the International Pressure Day, which began in the holy month of Ramadan and began with the support of Novartis.
President of the Jordanian Society for the Deaf, Diabetics and Residents Abdul Kareem Al Khawaldeh, spoke about the role played by the association in the care of people with diabetes, the role of institutions in supporting and providing care for diabetics and following all that he is new to this disease.
For its part, the president of the National Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology and Genetics d. Kamel Ajlouni, statistics on the number of people with diabetes in Jordan, and spoke about the problems faced by diabetics and the difficulty of getting medicines because of the high price, inviting doctors to pay attention to diabetics, especially children.
As part of the celebration, a film presented the most important activities of the Scientific and Educational Committee and of the Committee of the Children's Diabetes Association for the year 2017-2018. A group of children presented a show entitled "La Corte". The Ministry of Culture presented the song for the game. In the schools, the participants were honored and the certificates were distributed to them.



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