Jordi Cruyff stands out from the Barcelona elections

In a tweet he clarified that “I am in my commitment to Shenzhen FC and outside the electoral process for the presidency of Barça”

Font introduced Jordi Cruyff and Xavi Hernández

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Jordi Cruyff removed himself from the electoral process for the FC Barcelona elections. He did it on his social networks after the candidate Víctor Font announced that he has him as Barcelona’s sports director along with Xavi Hernández, the club’s general manager if he wins the elections.

“I would like to clarify that I am focused on my commitment to Shenzhen FC and outside the electoral process for the Barça presidency,” tweeted Johan Cruyff’s son, who signed in August for two seasons with Chinese Shenzhen.

For its part, the candidacy of Font who already warned in the presentation that both figures were not present because “they are active in Barcelona and also have a contract in force”, they assure that they had the permission of Cruyff to reveal a plan prepared with him and with Xavi.

Font’s team sees in the tweet an “understandable” reaction considering that Jordi Cruyff has a current contract and a part of his salary with the Chinese club pending collection. In China they realized his alleged electoral involvement and that is why he launched that message to avoid having problems with his current club.

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