Jorge Campos’ whim almost left him out of his debut in France 98

MEXICO – A director of the Mexican team suggested that Jorge Campos not participate in the first game of the World cup of France 1998. The Pumas youth squad tried to trick the managers into playing with the sweater of the company that sponsored him and not with the one that gave him the sports brand that made the Tricolor clothing.

“Alejandro Burillo claimed that it was not possible to do these chi[…] and he told the managers and Manuel Lapuente that Jorge Campos had to be suspended, he should not have played the first game of world, but they handle soccer as they want and in the end there was no problem, “Santos Escobar tells ESPN Digital, which at that time was the link between the Mexican team and ABA Sport, the brand that sponsored the Tricolor.

Jorge Campos debuted in France 98 wearing the white uniform of the Mexican National Team. Getty Images

The Brody he wanted to play with the goalkeeper sweater that I had designed for him Nike, its sponsor, and brand representatives ABA Sport they refused. Campos, before the refusal, spoke with one of the props of the Mexican team, to change the uniforms and that caused FIFA to scold the managers of Mexico.

Jorge Campos He asks a favor of one of the props, Gonzalo Saldaña, and convinces him to put his clothes on. Nike in their things. FIFA, in any competition, two days before the game calls the teams and asks them for the color they are going to wear for the match, “says Santos Escobar, who currently still collaborates with ABA Sport.

“The managers present the clothes and FIFA throws them […]. Those of the FIFA scolded the directors of the FMF because the number of Jorge in the shorts and the t-shirt was very big “, narrates Escobar.

Lapuente returned angrily to the concentration hotel and immediately asked to speak to Santos Escobar. The beret technician scolded the representative of ABA Sport until “I ask the technician: ‘Have you checked the label on that sweater yet?'” The coach of the Mexican team in France 1998 he was silent, it was Nike.

“Lapuente is surprised, I told him that that was not ABA Sport. Those of the FMF thought it was up to us, “recalls Santos Escobar.” They suggest suspending Campos from a game, they ask me that, if I have problems playing, and I told them no, the problem would have arisen if he played with him. other brand sweater. “

Jorge Campos debuted against South Korea in France 98, wearing a white goalkeeper sweater that was the alternative of the Mexican team.


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