Jorge Lanata, on the photo of Larreta, Kicillof and Fernández together: “He did not continue because at some point it was a lie”

The journalist referred to the photo of the three politicians united to fight the pandemic

Journalist Jorge Lanata, only invited to The Night of Mirtha, He referred this Saturday to the political, economic and social news that the country is going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and gave his opinion on the latest measures that the Government took to combat it.

In a heads up with Juana Viale, the driver of Journalism for All (PPT) spoke of the last announcement they issued on social networks to inform the extension of social isolation until October 11:“It’s getting more and more degrading, at any moment they leave a C5N cassette and leave. “

“You cannot make a law that people deliberately do not comply or are not interested in complying with. If you keep giving orders that nobody follows, that wears out your power; then, the way they have to influence will be less and less, “he said about the way of communicating the continuation of the quarantine that the Government applied in recent days.

“We all liked seeing [Horacio] Rodriguez Larreta, [Axel] Kicillof and [Alberto] Fernandez, Regardless of having voted for them or not, it was good and it is what we have to be able to see now. He did not continue because at some point it was a lie. Their interest was partial, not real. They were there pushing, forced by what was happening, not that they wanted to be. The relationship was wearing thin and after what happened with Capital, that they took money from him to pay the police, it is difficult for relations to stay well, “he said.

Intrigued, Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter asked her why, on that occasion, the President spoke and not the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, and Lanata was blunt: “Axel is seen to be small and he called his dad. That shows he’s not a great governor, When he had a problem, he had to turn to Alberto. I say ‘boy’ but he’s a big jerk, he’s like a boy from Economics who is in the UBA assembly giving Marxism classes. He must be a good theoretical economist. “

“We are suffering the consequences of what we voted for. The pandemic and the quarantine are not the same, the government likes to do that. The results of the quarantine will be government results; and the pandemic will come from God, nature or whatever you want. The economic quilombo that we have, the children without classes, etc., all that has to do with how it was decided to handle the pandemic, “said the journalist.

Along these lines, he continued: “I think they take advantage of the pandemic to do a lot of things that might have taken longer. Like, for example, that the economy depends 90% on the State, that private initiative goes to hell And don’t care. Just as remote work accelerated, which would have taken perhaps 10 years, I think the government found an opportunity to get inside the companies, give soft credits and then try to control some things. They took advantage of it politically, that’s why It interests to him that the quarantine continues, that it is quarantine “.

How does Fernández-Fernández management see

“Alberto’s power is worn out. Today for me Cristina is ruling more [Kirchner], But even so, there is no one who does it at all. When the government was armed, half and half armed it. Look what happened last week. [Martín] Guzman said they were not going to put a stocks and, two hours later, they do it “, commented.

According to the journalist, the Fernández administration “does not have so many corruption problems”, but rather “They are more useless than corrupt.” “They are inefficient. A little squirting, some things jumped, but that is not the issue,” he argued.

Regarding the presidential formula, Lanata expressed: “Cristina was brilliant in putting Alberto as president. Without Alberto they did not win because Peronism was divided. I think he is a guy who never imagined being president. He is a secretary, I do not mean it disparagingly, and Cristina is a leader, they are completely different things and it was a perfect move. “

The role of the cabinet

“Sergio Massa is the most similar to Néstor Kirchner”, compared Lanata. And he continued: “He is a guy who can be very popular, who at the same time fights himself a lot. He was the first to divide Kirchnerism, then he wasted it in the most foolish way. She did not know how to build it. Today he is making a permanent balance because he wants, on the one hand, to have his own profile and, on the other, he wants to look good with one and the other “.

However, he was not the only one who spoke. The driver said that the future of Peronism is “with Massa or with Maximum Kirchner “.

Consulted by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, He was categorical: “I accused him of bearing his surname. It does not seem to me that it is doing a great management She’s on Twitter too much. “

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