Jorge Molina makes merits to enter the final of the night of Las Ventas with Parejo and Peñaranda

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This Thursday night with steers from Monte la Ermita and the men from El Cotillo was decisive for next Thursday’s lineup: Jorge Molina, Christian Parejo and Alejandro Peñaranda will play the final with Fermín Bohórquez’s bull herd.

Molina, who had appeared in San Isidro wanting to see him again, took the opportunity to show his qualities: With lace and verticality he gladly fought the fourth, from the starting iron. A classed steer, very offensive in front, which responded well to the command of the Toledo. He was presented with the trophy but he blasted it with his sword (cheers upon notice). Little more than the disposition added a bunch of naturals of good outline with a steer from El Cotillo without any strength.

José María Trigueros, from Murcia, had a toned presentation in Madrid. He offered the first of his steers to Uceda Leal -several matadors witnessed the bullfight such as El Fundi, López Simón, Román or Amor Rodríguez (which he confirms on August 15), among others-. Trigueros did everything with elegance from the varied greeting finished off with a long change of knees in the middle to a series with feet together for natural as the finishing touch of a settled task. Steer from the public that had started happily but lacked many virtues to reach the ovation received in the drag.

He solved with solvency with the zamacuco that he made fifth, from El Cotillo, tall, ugly and without a neck that was totally tame at the start. Gómez Escorial picked it up with great professionalism.

It did not have a successful presentation in Madrid Marcos Linares. Despite the good opinion of him and beautiful ways of fighting, he did not finish coupling with the offensive third although he signed naturals with flavor against the sixth set.

The night brought together nearly 8,000 people, consolidating the good atmosphere created on previous Thursdays.


THE SALES Thursday, July 27, 2023. Fourth bullfight of the Night Bullfights Contest. About 8,000 people. Steers from Monte la Ermita and El Cotillo (1st and 5th). Well presented and manageable as a whole.

JORGE MOLINA, in light blue and gold. Puncture and rear lunge and detached (silence). In the fourth, four punctures and lunge. Warning (greetings).

JOSÉ MARÍA TRIGUEROS, of lead and gold. Thrust. Notice (greetings after slight request). In the fifth, puncture and lunge in the basements. Notice (silence).

MARCOS LINARES, of bull’s blood and gold. Loose lunge and lunge (silence). In the sixth, puncture and low lunge. Notice (silence).

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