Jorge Salomón resigns from the Normalizing Commission of Fenafuth


Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Honduran leader Jorge Salomón presented his resignation on Monday from the presidency of the Normalizing Commission of Fenafuth.

"I called this conference to share that I resign as Fenafuth president, this decision has a country purpose, football and awareness of vision, it was not an easy decision," said the director.

He added: "this purpose is to run as president of Fenafuth for the next period".

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In this way Jorge Salomón does not intend to disassociate himself from the governing body of Honduran football, on the contrary, he intends to stand as the next president of Fenafuth.

The mandate of the Fenafuth Standardization Committee was extended by the FIFA instructions until March 2019. In this management, Salomón was accompanied by Jaime Villegas, Juan Ferrera, Miguel Mourra and José Ernesto Mejía.

Once the period set by FIFA has been completed, the Commission will have until 31 July to approve the new statute and elect a new Fenafuth executive committee.

The Fenafuth Standardization Commission established itself in Honduras after the capture and the upcoming trial of its president, Alfredo Hawit, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges he was accused of by the United States.




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