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Jos (24) guesses the Sound and wins no less than 48,100 euros | Show

Plenty of people give it a try, but only a few have a good guess at the sound. This afternoon it was listener Jos from Oisterwijk in Brabant. In his opinion, he gave the right answer to Q-dj Wim van Helden. When it turned out that that was also true, he could hardly believe his ears.

Over the past few weeks, no fewer than 456 listeners of the channel have gambled away, but Jos was right. It involved snapping a windshield wiper onto a windshield wiper arm. De Brabander was sure that it was that sound, because he hears it every day, he said in the broadcast. He works for a car company. “So your colleagues can count on a cake?” asked Wim van Helden, to which Jos answered in the affirmative.

When the value of Het Geluid passed the 40,000 euro mark last week, the anonymous Jury decided to speak up. A hint was given. The clue was a video message from Rob Geus, giving the hint “safety for Rob”. You can hear this pronounced as ‘safety first’.

This was the 28th Sound since the start of the popular radio game in 2007. The radio game is not over for this year. Tomorrow a new sound will start in Mattie and Marieke’s morning show.


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