José Antonio Forcada, on the covid-19 deniers: “They are killing people”

The president of the National Association for Nursing and Vaccines, Jose Antonio Forcada, has spoken about the coronavirus pandemic and the ‘deniers’ of this virus. He has ensured that these people “are killing people.”

Forcada, upon seeing the images of the demonstration of ‘deniers’ in Madrid, has affirmed that they ask for “freedom” but do not respect the freedom of others who do wear masks, referring to the insults that the Espejo Público journalists received at that rally. by the ‘deniers’: “His concept of freedom is very peculiar.”

Also add that these people “they are hurting themselves” because according to the data, more than 80% of the people admitted for coronavirus are patients who have not received the vaccine against COVID-19, “either because they have not been able to receive them due to their age or because they have rejected them.” He explains that they are also hurting people who do not have “enough scientific knowledge” and they are convincing them “not to get vaccinated.”

“They are people who in this hypothetical use of their freedom what they are doing is helping people die,” said the president of the Association, Forcada. “I don’t know what measures should be taken with these people”, he assures, referring to the discussion about the possibility that if you have not received the vaccine or have a negative PCR, you will not be able to access some sites. Although he does sign that “measures should be taken against these people” because they contribute to the continued coronavirus pandemic: “It hurts us all.”

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José Antonio Forcada has also stated that until a “very high” percentage of vaccinated people is reached Sars-CoV-2 circulation will not be limited and sprouts will continue to appear. “We are not going to be able to end this situation until at least we have between 85% – 90% of the vaccinated population“, he explained.

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