José Canseco sends a message to JLo and challenges A-Rod to submit to the lie detector


After that Jennifer Lopez is Alex Rodriguez we will announce their commitment to a photo in which the singer assumes his expensive ring, now the expelotero José Canseco He said A-Rod was unfaithful to JLo.

According to these charges, Jennifer's girlfriend was cheating on her with a woman named Jessica Sekely, actress, model and recognized writer, wife of Canseco between 1996 and 1999.

But things didn't stop there, because José challenged A-Rod to tell the truth and underwent a truth machine to confirm his infidelity with this sensual blonde.

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"Alex Rodriguez, I challenge you to a polygraph Are you man enough to face me?", He launched his Canseco Twitter account.

And he continued against his ex-wife: "Jessica, you're giving me a liar, you forced me to defend myself and tell the truth, here's the biggest story about Alex Rodriguez and you, the truth hurts, don't run or hide from a test of polygraph ", he wrote the former molester on his Twitter account.

Canseco also took the opportunity to send a message to Jennifer Lopez, as a kind of warning to stop believing in Alex Rodriguez, so he returned to using social networks to apologize to the singer for this situation.

"Jennifer Lopez, I heard that you are a good person, I am sorry to have caught you in the midst of this, but the truth must be told" were the words that Canseco dedicates to the interpreter.

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But the third in discord, Jessica Canseco, he did not remain silent and hurled himself at his ex-partner, making it clear that everything she says is false and explained his relationship with A-Rod.

"Those accusations that José is making are false, I've known Alex for many years and haven't seen him for more than five years, I certainly haven't slept with him, I'm friendly with him and Jennifer, playing with his alien friends," Jessica said .

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