José José left a millionaire debt to please Sara Salazar

It has been revealed that José José left a millionaire debt to please his wife Sara Salazar so he could have left them a legacy of problems.

Despite the fact that José José has been deceased for more than a year, in recent weeks details of his will have been revealed that have put his wife Sara Salazar and Sarita Sosa in the public eye for the controversy that this has brought with it, especially now that it has been known that the prince of the song, left a millionaire debt because of them.

It turns out that the aforementioned house that is in José José’s will and that Anel Noreña, the singer’s second wife, would inherit could be a headache for the heiress because the house carries a mortgage that has not been fully paid.

José José left a millionaire debt to please Sara Salazar

José José did not finish paying the millionaire debt for his Florida house

Apparently the Homestead house in Miami-Dade County, Florida, was bought in 2017 by the singer so that his daughter Sarita Sosa and his wife Sara Salazar could move in and live together as a happy family until the last days of their life just as his wife wanted.

The problem is that of the $ 375,000 that the property cost, José José only managed to pay $ 25,000, leaving the rest of the debt outstanding. As Anel Noroña is the sole heir and in turn she cedes the rights to her children Marysol and José Joel, it is understood that they will be responsible for paying the debt of the 350 thousand dollars that are missing to be able to keep the property.

José José left a millionaire debt to please Sara Salazar

However, for now it is not yet known what will happen to them and especially to the Saras who will now lose their only home if the older children of José José dispose of it since it is in their hands to decide what they will do with their little sister .

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