José Manuel Albares: "If Russia wins the war, no one will be free from its most powerful neighbor invading its sovereignty"

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The Spanish Foreign Minister arrives in kyiv in the midst of the Spanish Presidency to reinforce the European message: Spain’s support for Ukraine does not waver. He also does not voice it when he talks about Vladimir Putin’s exclusive responsibility in that enormous drama that has lasted for a year and a half. Albares attends EL MUNDO in the cafeteria of the Intercontinental hotel in kyiv before entering a historic summit.

Question.- Russia is preparing for a long war. What can the EU do to counteract this effort?

Answer.- There are two things we can do. As the months go by we must remember that there is only one aggressor here. Only Vladimir Putin wanted this war and therefore it is in his hands to stop it. Everything the rest of us do is try to help restore peace to Ukraine but within what the United Nations charter establishes. That is, a just peace that respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Today, all the EU Foreign Ministers are here to convey our solidarity to Ukraine and to ask them how we can be more effective in our help to Ukraine in the defense of its civilians. By defending Ukraine we defend the most essential values ​​of the European Union. We must not forget that the EU is a peace building that was created precisely to avoid what we are seeing today in Ukraine, that is, war as a way to resolve conflicts as a State. If Russia succeeds in its war of aggression we will all feel more insecure the next day, because no one will be free from its most powerful neighbor invading its sovereignty.

Q.- What are the security commitments that the EU can offer to Ukraine?

R.- Everything we have been doing until now. Diplomatic support to talk to all our partners and friends in the world to explain that this is a war in Europe, but it is not a European war, because it attacks the principles of the United Nations charter. We also have a humanitarian commitment to Ukraine, both with the refugees before and now with the victims. For example, Spain has brought ambulances here. And when the time comes, we have a commitment to rebuilding. Of course, added to our military aid with training of Ukrainian soldiers in Spain and the sending of equipment so that Ukraine can defend its sovereignty and its defenseless civilians. We also want the war crimes that have been committed not to go unpunished. I met with the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court in New York to inform him that the crime against the aid worker Emma Igual [asesinada en un ataque ruso] I couldn’t go unpunished.

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