José María Listorti: the famous people who got angry with their hidden cameras, the “secret” of his link with Tinelli and why he says no to “Singing 2020”

“As much as one does well, deep down, happiness is not complete,” he says. Jose Maria Listorti, who is going through a very good time personally and professionally, but the consequences of the pandemic are not indifferent to him. “I have friends who have gyms that they can’t open; restaurants, bars, and they are melting, ”says the driver.

Hyperactive in the networks, Listorti did not stop for a second during confinement. With program on screen The nine (lead Must see next to Denis dumas, Monday through Friday at 3 p.m.) and in the afternoon at Radio Pop (So late from 18 to 20), the quarantine of the comedian had little to “stay at home.” “I feel a dichotomy,” he admits, in this interview with Teleshow.

Also, Listorti is preparing for her next show delivery de humor. Next to Fredy Villarreal and Sebastian Almada will present Laugh, a theatrical comedy via streaming. “Laugh means laughter in Indonesian. We are eager to know what it will be like to do live theater with an empty hall, ”he explains. The appointment is the Friday, August 29 at 22, by Tickethoy.

“How are you at this time of pandemic and quarantine?”

“Well, with a mixture of sensations.” There are moments when one is euphoric, happy, hopeful, optimistic, and moments when one is more down. The issue of the pandemic, the quarantine, although I was able to work – I cannot complain because I have radio, television, now we are going to do the streaming, the TikTok account, Instagram – it does not stop worrying me. The environment, the people who unfortunately cannot go to work, who do not have food, it seriously distresses me; It is not a phrase that must be said to look good.

“I’ve seen you angry when people breach some basic social distance issues.”

—We’re saying ‘Stay home’ all the time, and we’re dating. You have to wear the mask, and when I make the program, for a logical reason, I don’t use it. So the message is mixed. And I say it being on a TV show, I’m inside. When I say that I don’t like television now, I mean it because I am doing television today, not out of resentment because I am not. I feel a dichotomy. We are in a study, it is logical: we are not understood without masks … imagine with masks! But I understand that this duality makes people dizzy.

“You say you don’t like television today.” I remember that a while ago you told me that if I continued to lose, in five years you did not know what you were going to do.

—And it is still in decline … Until two months ago there was a firm quarantine. In fact, there are no bars, no restaurants, no theater, no cinema, you can’t go to anyone’s house, and in prime time, the program that measures the most, taking Jesus, it is Guido (Duck) with ohco points. He Singing also: eight points. It’s a rating that, five years ago, you didn’t last a minute in prime time. I worry because If people don’t go anywhere and don’t keep choosing to watch TV, what are they watching? My son spends all day with TikTok; Instagram has also suffered a decline. I am very active with the networks, I try to always be attentive to what is new so as not to be left behind, to reinvent myself, and I see that the Instagram views are going down. I don’t know what people do. It attracts my attention.

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—You are very active in the networks. Do they demand time?

-Long time. Personally, without falling into the Vicky xipolitakis, commercially it is serving me because many companies do actions. Following the decline in television, there are companies looking for influencers. Luckily I fell into that turn and I have been called by important brands to do video campaigns. I bill everything: I have all the receipts, they are serious companies. That also takes time. Make the idea, the invoice, send the mail. Happy, I tell you, but it’s all a while. Know what you are liking. I am lucky to have a 10 year old who is fascinated with TikTok, so it helps me.

– These last days controversy arose by the exchanges and the networks. What look do you have of the subject?

The exchange does not bother me at all. It is frowned upon, but you have to understand that we pay for it with our followers. I have 1,100,000 followers and, if I go to eat at a place and the guy does not want to charge me, how will it happen that someone tells me: “We are not going to charge you, you make me laugh forever, can you tell me a story? on Instagram? ”, what am I going to say ?! “No, I’d rather pay you than have you appear in my stories.” It would be terrible. I’m not calling. If they contact me, I also give a hand to small entrepreneurs. They are not giving us things away, we are giving a consideration. If I post an Instagram story to you, I’m paying you, and fine.

“Is there a product that you say no to because you are ashamed?”

They contacted me from a sex shop and they paid me. She says, “We can do something fun.” “Look, the truth is that I make everything familiar, I don’t know whether to put a dildo in my hand” (laughs). “But we can do with things of clothing, costumes.” “I am a bit pacata for those things, forgive me, do not be offended”. And she got it. She told me that there are other celebrities who do. But no, with the sex shop I didn’t dare.

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—You have to learn to say no in the race.

—They taught me that this race is based more on “no” than “yes”. Until now it has never touched me, because I said yes to everything (laughs). I don’t disgust anything. The exchange is not a bad word. The Vicky thing makes noise because she is a person who lives in an apartment of 500 square meters. Her image had to do with ostentation, with showing dollars. She was doing the baptism of her son and you saw a terrible display. So, listening to an audio asking for two milks and a shampoo with ceramides is medium strong. But it is her right: what she does is not illegal. If you can do it, then do it.

—Al SingingWould you say yes or no?

“Not crazy, but not crazy.” Mariana Brey called me to sing with her, now that a round of three is coming up and I said: “Thanks, but no”. Ni al Dancing, neither. It is a contest that I have a lot of respect for. Besides they are waiting for me. It is like Matilda (White). Imagine me! We criticize or analyze the Singing or the Dancing And we say things that are not really cool, they are not always praise. No, they are waiting for me with the knife … Not crazy! I can sing like Pavarotti and they will give me a 0.

“Do you like Ángel De Brito in driving?”

“Yes, it’s very good.” Laurita (Fernandez), too. Both.

—How many years with Marcelo Tinelli? How is the link today?

“I started in ’93 with him.” I did not stay two years because in one I did TVR, and in the other, There are no two without three. Of these 27 years, 25 with him. Today I was talking to my wife, because she tells me: “Send him a message to see how he’s doing.” And no, I don’t fuck Marcelo. If I show you the history of WhatsApp, when was the last time I spoke … I sent him a message when he separated from Wilhelmina (Valdes), to see how it was, for a logical question of friend or acquaintance, boss, whatever you want to call it. “Jose, I’m fine, and so is she. Thanks for asking”. June 28, the last time I spoke to Marcelo to see how he was doing. I don’t screw it up.

—You are not a pimp or charge of riding on it.

-Not at all. It is a bit the secret of staying with him. I don’t freak it out, I don’t drive it crazy. Everyone says: “This one works because it sucks his stockings.” Quite the opposite. I have said things to him, I have been angry many times, he has been angry with me. I’m not saying strong things to you, but that none of them would have expected … We didn’t give each other shit, but things that my colleagues … “How did you tell him that?” But I didn’t say it wrong.

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“Angry, who is the more bastard of the two?”

-None. Only once did I see him angry in 25 years, but normal angry, not screaming. You will never hear him scream. It’s not that boss. And look that Tinelli is a guy who has power, who has money. Power in the sense of being the boss. And yet I never heard him scream.

“How do the fights affect you on the show?”

“Less and less, but it depends. When I look for it, I bank it. And Karina The Little Princess she gets mad because we said something, I bank her. I do not bank the fight when I say nothing and hit it off, or when something I said is misinterpreted, or the information is wrong. There it hurts. If I didn’t say that, why are they angry or cruel? I try to be a good milk person, have fun. I do a show, I’m not mad at anyone.

“Don’t mess with things that people themselves don’t generate.”

—I don’t get involved in private life: if I’m talking about private life, it’s because you exposed it. I have learned many things that I did not say. I’m not interested in the scoop, I don’t have the journalist gene to search for information. I like that they bring me what we are going to talk about, I throw an opinion, we are going to do it this way. I know people enjoy mud, so I try to keep it entertaining. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. I want people to choose the program to have a good time, that the guests come and have a good time. Sometimes the code of humor is not understood or they do not want to understand it because people have the chip of the fight.

“Who was the most angry with a hidden camera?”

“There were many!” It happens that there was a magic word: “It’s a joke for Tinelli.” Many got angrier at first, others disarmed, as if saying: “Luckily, if this was true I’ll die.” And there were people who … I put the case of Flor Peña. Once we made a hidden camera on the radio and at the end he said: “Excuse me, I don’t want it to go out.” I’ve been talking to you a long time ago. Obviously, it didn’t come out. I have understood that Patricia Sosa too. They are the two that I remember, there were a couple more.

“There was respect.”

-Obvious. The same thing happened to us on the street. “It’s for Tinelli, can we pass it on?”, “Yes, yes.” “Can we pass it?”, “No, I would rather not.” Some told me: “No, I would not have to be here, right now …”. (Laughs)

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