José Ron is Chiva at heart and he shows it

Chivas de Guadalajara fans have enough reason to celebrate, as the Guadalajara team advanced to the semifinals of Mexican soccer.

One of them is the Mexican actor Jose Ron, who during an exclusive interview for the Telemundo show ‘En Casa’, showed the great passion he has for the rojiblanco club.

The 39-year-old artist even showed his great heart and decided to help one of the most important members of the team, and we refer to Juan José Jiménez, the person who since 1993 gives life to ‘La Chiva Loca’, the mascot of the club.

Jiménez presented symptoms of COVID-19 and required hospitalization, so José Ron announced a raffle to help him financially to cover medical expenses.

During the interview, José Ron showed a Chivas shirt that the soccer player José Juan Macías gave him for the dynamic, and which is signed by all the team’s players.

“I love to do my bit, and this time I’m doing a raffle for them to take this Chivas jersey, and thus be able to help Juan José Jiménez,” the actor began.

“Jiménez has been with them for a long time and is going through a very complicated situation, so I will raffle this shirt and I hope that people will join in,” he added.

Likewise, the soap opera heartthrob shared an image on his Instagram account, where he appears posing with the shirt and next to it he provided more details of the raffle with which they seek to help ‘La Chiva Loca’.

In his message, Ron details that the cost for each ticket is 199 Mexican pesos ($ 9.96 dollars) and the bank account numbers to which it can be deposited are shown. In addition, it specifies that the raffle will take place on Sunday, December 6.

During the interview, the actor was asked when his great love for Chivas was born, to which he replied that since he was very young.

“In Guadalajara I lived four blocks from the Jalisco stadium, and every 15 days I was there with my family. This taste for Chivas comes from childhood, and this love goes beyond anything,” he said.

Regarding the semifinals, where ‘El Rebaño’ will face the León club, Ron said that he will not miss the game and will support them from home, and although he considered that it is a complicated duel, he trusted that the Guadalajara team will get a title more.

Finally, he invited all the people not to miss this game that will be broadcast on Telemundo.


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