Josh Hart roasts Lonzo Ball during Pelicans Media Day


Josh Hart rarely needs a reason to roast Lonzo Ball and he demonstrated it on Monday at the New Orleans Pelicans Media Day. After a relatively long press conference he came across very well, which is no surprise to Laker fans who followed him. before this season, one of the last questions posed to Hart led to a friendly jab at Lonzo Ball.

At Hart, an Eagle Scout, he was asked with which team mate he would like less to be blocked. After getting the clarification that they would be stuck in the desert, Hart offered no hesitation before throwing Ball under the bus.

"What's the situation? In the wild? Oh. Probably Zo. Zo probably never was in the desert one day in his life. So, I'm saying Zo."

The video connection, courtesy of the pelicans:

Considering that Ball was born and raised in Chino Hills, he played college basketball for a year in Los Angeles before being drafted and playing two years professionally in Los Angeles, it would be safe to say he wasn't in the desert. But a reality show with Hart and Ball trying to survive in the desert SHOULD be a great television.



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