Josu Ternera criticizes Évole’s documentary: "That’s not what I expected. They have done what they believed"

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The former leader of ETA José Antonio Urrutikoetxea states that the documentary Don’t call me Veal which premieres today in the San Sebastian Film Festival “It is not what I expected” and its authors “have done what they believed,” while indicating that the film “needs contextualization.”

Urrutikoetxea makes these statements in an interview he publishes this Friday the new which, according to the newspaper itself, was carried out on Thursday in the Basque-French town of Ciboure, located about ten kilometers from the border.

The former member of ETA affirms that “now it is the Film Festival” but the “controversies” about him have arisen “easily” because the “Spanish State has built an image” about him “that it manages based on its interest and in the moment that interests you.”

He has indicated that the first contacts to make the film were in Paris in 2020, after the Paris Court of Appeal agreed to let him leave prison and be placed under house arrest for health reasons.

He affirms that the message he wanted to convey in the interview is that “we must go to the origin and the origin is a political conflict” caused by the “Spanish and French States against Euskal Herria.”

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