Josu Ternera’s revelation compromises the Government: "What must be negotiated with Bildu is to clarify 376 ETA murders"

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Pandora’s box has been opened. The revelation that Josu Ternera has participated in a murder already granted amnesty has once again aroused an outcry. Victims, police, civil guards and opposition parties have united in a single message and demand that the ETA members not only repent and apologize to the victims, but also collaborate in clarifying the 376 murders that have not yet been solved. knows the author.

From the world of victims of terrorists, it has been a constant demand from the Government for these movements by ETA members before even applying prison benefits to them. Since the Executive reached an agreement with the terrorists, the voice of the victims, increasingly silenced in the administrative sphere, has focused on demanding “the whole truth” of the criminal activity and knowing the material authors of each of the terrorists. crimes, regardless of whether they are prescribed or not.

“What the Government has to negotiate with Bildu is to clarify the 376 ETA murders,” the victims point out. Because the revelation of Josu Ternera, advanced by The mail, is considered among them almost as another “offense.” The former leader of ETA – claimed by the National Court for the attack against the Civil Guard barracks in Zaragoza – is attributed in the documentary directed by Jordi Évole his intervention in the 1976 assassination of the mayor of Galdakao, Víctor Legorburua crime for which he was never prosecuted and which was dismissed by the Amnesty Law of 1977.

From the Association Dignity and Justicechaired by Daniel Portero, the Prosecutor’s Office was requested to review the interview beforehand in case there was humiliation of the victims or glorification of terrorism. The lieutenant prosecutor of the National Court, Marta Durántezin charge of managing investigations into the controversial kiss of Luis Rubiales, rejected the victims’ request in just over four lines. He also rejected the victims’ request to review whether the abertzales who appeared on the Bildu lists had paid the compensation. The Prosecutor’s Office rejected their brief, but had to rectify it when the victims provided documentation about one of those included by Bildu on its lists and who was pending these payments.

The victims interpret that the leaders of ETA know and are familiar with the vast majority of the unsolved murders perpetrated by their gang and none of them have decided to collaborate with Justice to clarify them, given the passivity of the political authorities. The National Court is waiting for the French Justice to respond to its continuous requests, some requested more than a year ago, to act against the leaders of ETA. Now they are once again demanding that Pedro Sánchez’s Executive take this step, that they be required to collaborate with the National Court in open cases and also in those cases that are already prescribed. “For victims it is always important to be able to know the truth of what happened and to know that the State has taken all the necessary steps to clarify the crimes.”

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