Jouanno excludes the resignation from the presidency of the National Commission of the public debate –

On Thursday, several major figures, including government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, criticized Ms. Jouanno's "withdrawal" and asked for her resignation. JOEL SAGET / AFP

Chantal Jouanno excludes the resignation from the presidency of the National Commission of Public Debate (CNDP), announcing in an interview with Figaro published Thursday, 10 January evening, the CNDP's contribution to the great national debate will stop on January 15, the date of the launch of the consultation.

The former karate champion is the target of many critics after announcing Tuesday that she "Retired" the organization of the great national debate, due to a dispute over his salary (14 666 euros gross per month).

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It also states it "The commission found that its contribution will stop at the launch of the great national debate, that is to say on January 15th". Thus a point is clarified which until now was not clear, independently of the fact that this independent authority continued to organize the great debate wanted by Emmanuel Macron.

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"Who would ask Jacques Toubon to resign?"

On Thursday, several personalities of the majority criticized the "Withdrawal" from Mmyself Jouanno and asked for his resignation. She must "Learn the lessons" of his departure "Incomprehensible", in particular the estimation of Benjamin Griveaux on RTL. "The French would not understand that Chantal Jouanno does not immediately leave office"added MP Richard Ramos, a leader of the MoDem. It is not CNDP, "Whose legitimacy is nothing", to organize the great debate, the president of MoDem, François Bayrou, also said.

"The issue of pay is legitimate for our fellow citizens, I also asked the President of the Republic on Monday to lower my salary (…) The right choice belongs to him"answered Mmyself Jouanno, complaining about the "Meanness" of the political world. "I'm not paid to make the big debate, but to chair the CNDP, which guarantees the rights of our fellow citizens over more than eighty-three very difficult projects, such as the management of radioactive waste in the coming years"he said. "It is an extraordinary challenge for the independence of our authority, who would ask Jacques Toubon to resign from his position?"

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