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Sueca's writer and screenwriter Joan Carles Ventura won the VI prize for the black novel Memorial Agustí Vehí Vila de Tiana with the opera "Tell me the arrow". The award, born six years ago at the Tiana Negra festival, is worth 2,000 euros and the work will be published in September in the collection. The Tiana Negra 2019 will be marked by the presence of Valencian Romance authors, such as Ventura himself, but also because it will be the last to be guided by the festival's creator, Sebastià Bennasar, who wants to "give space to new ideas and ways to do" .

Your site will be occupied by a person "of great experience in the black genre", who will be known during the seventh edition of the festival. Sebastià Bennasar thinks that the festival does not have to change many things and has to maintain "the essence" for which it has been created: endowing the Catalan black literature of its space, a platform for the genre that will increase readers. This seventh edition will be, they underline, a truly special edition. Another year will offer a comprehensive overview of Catalan black literature today, with about twenty activities and more than 20 authors from across the country and beyond.

A look at Valencia and the "Bakalao route"

Four of the most important authors of the genre in Valencia will participate in a round table dedicated to the Valencian contribution to the black literature of the last year. Juli Alandes, Francesc Bayarri, Vicent Borràs and Joan Carles Ventura are the main authors of "The Essential Valencian Contribution", which will be held Saturday at noon. The last of the four, Joan Carles Ventura, was also proclaimed winner of the 6th Black Novel Memorial Award Agustí Vehí Vila de Tiana for the novel "Tell me the arrow".

There were twelve works submitted to the competition and the winner is "an exceptional work, far above the average", the jury was presided over by Àlex Martín, Sebastià Bennasar and Anna Maria Villalonga. The writer has already published a publication in the collection, "Caminos dubiosos", with which he had already been a finalist for this award last year.

In "They call me the arrow", the jury emphasizes that it is a tribute to the classic American writers of a black genre and in particular to the figure of the private "hard-boiled" detective that the Valencian author recognizes as one of his literary archetypes , excellence. The story takes place in the summer of 1988 in Valencia in the origin of what will later be called the "Bakalao Street" and that at the time of the narration is still only a local phenomenon in which everyone moves type of characters and take all kinds of substances of dubious legality. In the midst of this turmoil, he appears to Vicent Fletxes and Chaques, better known as "El flecha", private investigator in night events, problem solver, with his black and red Impala Montesa moving through the world of nightlife and life Valencian nightlife


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