JP Morgan has almost 300 open job searches in Argentina: How to apply?

He noted that “some requirements may vary by position, in general, JP Morgan is looking for students and/or graduates from various careers with and without experience, and with fluency in English (although they also have English classes for those who need it)“.

The company seeks to cover positions in Technology (for positions mostly in Development and Infrastructure), Operations, Legal, Finance, and to a lesser extent also areas of Risk, Economic Research and Presentations, Compliance, among others. This is about 1,300 positions during 2022 in all areas (this includes new positions and replacements), the company mentioned.

According to company information, “the current average of 300 open positions per month will be maintained, while the estimated volume of hiring will be similar to that of 2021, with the objective of a total of 1,300 job opportunities for all levels of seniority The company plans to continue to expand and continue to work on strategies to recruit and develop diverse talent.”

Labor balance 2021

The company closes the year with more than 1,000 covered positions in Argentina, at a rate of almost 100 hires per month.

The company landed in Argentina in the 1880s and has since become one of the main investment banks in the country. Its Buenos Aires Corporate Center exports internal Finance, Credit, economic research, technological development, cyber security, legal services, among others, mainly to the United States, Europe and Latin America.

In a post-pandemic scenario, the company opted for local talent, becoming one of the main employers in Argentina, and plans to continue growing throughout the next year, seeking to reach 3,000 employees on its payroll by the end of 2022.

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“The talent of our collaborators in Argentina and the added value of our Corporate Center in Buenos Aires encourages us to redouble the company’s commitment in the country. We are proud to be generating more than 100 jobs per month, providing opportunities and betting on young people who seek to develop their professional career in a company with great possibilities such as JP Morgan” affirms Facundo Gómez Minujín, president of JP Morgan for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia and General Counsel for JP Morgan Latin America.

JP Morgan closed the year with 1,145 new incorporations in our country. Of the total searches, 73% were filled with external candidates, while 27% of the remaining positions were taken on internally.

Notably 40% of external hires were women, as well as the 121% increase in the number of senior searches, which in 2021 represented 84 managerial positions covered.

Although the 430 positions related to technology for the regional Service Center in Buenos Aires were the ones with the highest hiring volume, other sectors have reached equally significant figures:

  • Operations: 410
  • Finance: 89
  • Legal: 89
  • Human Resources: 32

On a smaller scale, collaborators were incorporated for the areas of Risk, Economic Research and Presentations and Compliance.

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