Jrue Holiday states that the new pelicans have a different atmosphere under Griffin


In modern NBA, reconstructions generally last several seasons with general eaters who often wait too long and compensate too low for a return for the precious goods they once had. New Orleans pelicans countered this trend in the low season under Director General David Griffin.

Starting from the landing of the best choice in the NBA Draft of 2019, and then by Zion Williamson, the reconstruction of the pelicans went overdrive. Griffin promoted the new movement by dealing with Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart and sending Anthony Davis away, a star already looking for a way out.

The acquisitions of Derrick Favors and JJ Redick in the low season were the final touches to a complete reconstruction. The new pelicans under their new head coach have a new feeling and an atmosphere for them, at least according to the longtime guard Jrue Holiday.

From Andrew Lopez of ESPN:

"I feel like the whole atmosphere, the whole attitude in the structure and with the staff had been different. Surely it seems that people are ready and excited. This has been the case since Griff came into existence. "

With Holiday instead of team leader, pelicans could certainly compete for a playoff next season. Considering that the team exchanged the cornerstone of his franchise just a few months ago, being able to compete at any level is a testament to the strength of the reconstruction.



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