JTBC Liberation Town, Special Forces Youngjae Choi – Jinbong Lee – Hyundong Kim Camping is like training!

[스포츠서울 | 이웅희기자] Residents of ‘Liberation Town’ jumped into a new challenge and ended the day well. ‘Steel Troop’ Choi Young-jae, Lee Jin-bong, and Kim Hyeon-dong’s reversal Heo Dang-mi brought laughter from the viewers.

JTBC’s ‘Where I Return to Me – Liberation Town’ (hereafter ‘Liberation Town’), which aired at 11 pm on the 24th, portrayed the liberation life of the residents. Choi Young-jae, a special forces soldier, enjoyed camping with his juniors, and Lee Hye-jeong, a culinary researcher, moved to liberation for the first time in 43 years of marriage.

Jinbong Lee and Hyundong Kim, who were invited to the camping trip by Youngjae Choi to share a sense of freedom, attracted attention with their unusual visuals from the moment they appeared. Contrary to the expectation that the people who started pitching the tent are from special forces, they will be able to assemble the tent skillfully.

After many twists and turns, those who completed the tent began to dig up wood to make a fire, which soon led to a confrontation with the pride of real men. The youngest, Kim Hyun-dong, who received everyone’s attention and was named as the first hitter, failed gracefully and became a prank from his older brothers, unlike the one who took off his shirt and showed off his angry muscles. On the other hand, the two seniors surprised everyone by succeeding at once amidst the tension.

Those who started a full-fledged stamina battle, burned their will to win, and engaged in push-ups and thigh wrestling. After a fierce battle, Choi Young-jae was decided as the real winner, and he kept his pride as a former special forces officer. In addition, Choi Young-jae, who finished camping by sharing a storm mukbang and honest stories with his younger brothers, recharged his energy again through liberation.

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Lee Hye-jeong, who was liberated for the first time in 43 years of marriage, said, “There was no time for me,” and could not calm her excitement over the first vacation she had officially received. Before leaving the house, she even divided the food she made herself and started packing her own luggage after worrying about her husband’s meal, and she made viewers feel happy as she looked like a child.

Lee Hye-jeong, who entered Liberation Town with a fluttering heart, enjoyed the freedom of liberation by making small deviations, such as eating snacks while watching TV after organizing her luggage, and ordering food delivered at the same time as the declaration of a cooking strike. Also, while watching the stage of her favorite singer Young-woong Lim, she burst into tears at the feeling of liberation that she felt for the first time in her life.

After that, Lee Hye-jeong, who went out, met Kim Young-ok, an actress who had built a relationship through a play in the past. The two, who were having a conversation in a friendly atmosphere, burst into laughter as they discovered unexpected commonalities, such as their love for Lim Young-woong and the use of each room with their husband. In particular, Kim Young-ok warmly colored the atmosphere by revealing her heartfelt advice to Lee Hye-jeong, who is worried about her.

In this way, JTBC’s ‘Where I Return to Me – Liberation Town’, which spends a time of healing through liberation and recharges life energy, is broadcast every Friday at 11 pm.
photo credit: JTBC <해방타운> video capture

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