Juan Carlos I begins his fourth visit to Spain with relations with Zarzuela normalized

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Juan Carlos I’s visits to Spain have been a reflection of how his relations with his son went through better times and worse times. The King’s father begins his fourth trip to Spain, back to Sanxenxo, where he plans to stay all week to participate in the Rey Juan Carlos I regatta, a competition to which he arrives after validating the title of world sailing champion in his category and weeks before a meeting family that will normalize relations with the Crown.

The father of the head of state landed at the Vigo-Peinador airport 35 minutes after one in the afternoon, on a private plane registered in Malta. Accompanied by the usual security personnel who are always with him, Don Juan Carlos has been received by Pedro Campos and, as on previous trips, they have headed to the house of the president of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo to rest after the flight.

Don Juan Carlos faces a whole week in Sanxenxo, and it is the longest period that he has spent in the city so far. The competition does not start until next September 29, and there will be three days, until Sunday, October 1, when they finish. Don Felipe’s father will then be able to return to Abu Dhabi or, on the contrary, visit some other Spanish city.

The most complicated moment of these days will occur on Thursday, when Don Juan Carlos will be only 15 kilometers from his son. Felipe VI will preside over an event that day on the island of La Toja and, although he has no further agenda, there is no meeting planned between the two.

The King’s father left Spain in August 2020 to settle in Abu Dhabi, where months later he established his tax residence with the idea of ​​traveling frequently to Spain. However, the first visit to the country he captained for 39 years did not occur until May 2022, and it was not under the best conditions. Because Don Juan Carlos, tired of waiting, decided unilaterally come to Spain, and first visit his friends in Sanxenxo.

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