Juan Manuel Cortés talks about having beaten cancer for the second time in 2020

Juan Manuel Cortés, contributor to Telemundo’s “Suelta la Sopa” space, offered more details about the hard process he has gone through after facing cancer for the second time.

Colombian driver Juan Manuel Cortés received 2021 full of hope and a deep sense of gratitude. 2020 was an especially difficult year for the host of “Suelta la Sopa.”

During the past year, Cortés was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. It was his second battle with cancer, and having beaten the disease again makes the driver feel extremely lucky.

Cortés’s malignant tumor was detected in the intestine. Fortunately, the diagnosis was in time for surgery. As Cortés explained on this occasion to People in spanishSince his battle with cancer in 2015, he thanks God for being alive every day.

“To attract miracles, it is essential to value the blessings you already have, including thanking God for the air you breathe”, he claimed the Colombian. That is why he decided to start 2020 from the perspective of gratitude, for having survived the last twelve months.

Five years before this diagnosis, in 2015, Cortés was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. At that time, his doctors attacked the condition using chemotherapy. However, Juan Manuel offers health advice that goes beyond medicine.

“The first thing is that never lose faith and positive mind”, recommends the presenter. “When we are certain that God wants the best for us, the healing processes are much easier”, added, stressing the importance of being without doubts.

On the other hand, Cortés recommends closely monitoring diet, since food can be “our best medicine, or our worst poison.” Today, the Colombian has an extremely healthy diet, and is already in perfect health.

In 2020, he dedicated himself to improving his immune function through diet. He consumed lots of lemon juice, fresh fruits, and soursop leaf tea, among other strategies.

Cortés also confessed to the magazine that he takes a large amount of green juices daily, full of vitamin C. Best of all, the blood tests that his oncologist performs every three months confirm that his defenses are in perfect condition.

One year after the operation that allowed him to overcome cancer again, Cortés continues to put his life in God’s hands. As he told the magazine, he entered the pavilion with complete assurance that God was going to take care of him.

In addition, the driver stressed that he had a quick recovery. At first, his doctors thought the tumor was benign, but after the operation, they discovered that it was a malignant tumor.

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