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In a letter signed by several of the leaders of the FARC party, which emerged after the disarmament of that ex-guerrilla, this Monday the community apologized to the victims of kidnapping in the country, and said that it deeply regrets the pain they caused.

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In the letter, today’s political party refers to this crime by its name: kidnapping, and not as retention of persons, as they had mentioned on previous occasions.

“We are here to, from the bottom of our hearts, ask public forgiveness of all our victims of kidnapping and their families,” the letter reads.

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In addition, the bench published a trill in which they warn that “the kidnapping was a practice of which we can only regret, we know that there is no reason or justification to take away the freedom of any person. We reiterate our commitment to be accountable to the Justice.

Before the letter signed by former members of the FARC Secretariat, Juan Manuel Santos, the former president who signed the agreement in 2016 after several years of negotiation, highlighted this fact and assured that “it is a very good step in the right direction.”

In the same sense, the chief negotiator of Havana, Humberto de La Calle, spoke, who indicated that the statement of the bench was “important and positive”.

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“Important and positive statement from @PartidoFARC. We must not give up in the search for reconciliation,” trilled the former presidential candidate.

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