Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini came again to help Jose Mourinho in Juventus' comeback

This was Italian work, triggered by the man who was assigned Mission Impossible.

The Manchester United football strike stunned Allianz Stadium on Wednesday night, but in a lounge on the outskirts of Preston, one of the club's former managers may have given a wry smile.

David Moyes, not Louis van Gaal or Jose Mourinho, was the man responsible for bringing the two men who delivered him to the club, the men who allowed the Portuguese to get a hand behind the team. ;ear. Perhaps Moyes, handed the poison goblet after Sir Alex Ferguson's departure, felt as if he were doing the same.

Juan Mata (left) and Marouane Fellaini changed the match for Manchester United at Juventus

Mata produced a moment of magic as she crouched in a free kick to draw on Wednesday

Fellaini climbed higher to win a header in the build-up of the United winner at the Allianz stadium

The impact of the punishment of Juan Mata and the impression of Marouane Fellaini's wrecking ball for the winner can not be underestimated. United will now face the derby this weekend with a leap forward. Mourinho has brought both players on the bench with United a goal in less and will be seen as a master stroke. A reminder that, apart from the jokes and the traps, this is a manager who still knows how to win big games.

The heroes, however, were almost as improbable as the return in themselves. There was a time when United fans feared to see Fellaini ready to go up. When social media fans simply tweet: "Fellaini is heating up", knowing perfectly the reaction that would have inspired the comrades of the keyboard variety.

That terror is now reserved for opposition. How should they feel when the afro aggro emerges from the bench? Here are the troubles (and elbows).

Fellaini is not your average football player. It is a return to the past when its launch was tiki taka. The chaos it creates, while it was old-fashioned, is new to many today's defenders who simply can not cope with it – even the brilliant and brilliant duo of Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, with 65 years of difference.

The effectiveness of Fellaini is not lost even for United fans. Mourinho has always appreciated his unorthodox impact, even if his style of play does not fit with the free traditions of the club. Those who have gone to Italy, and have made a racket all night long in a splinter of the stadium, are becoming attached to the great Belgian. There is the awareness that there is a need for horses for the courses. Do not expect to hear new whistles when Fellaini's name will be announced late at night at Old Trafford. An extension of the contract in the summer is no longer sniffed. Fellaini is marmite, but at least now he has found an army of people he loves, rather than hating him in a place where he often wondered if he would ever adapt.

None of this will be news to Moyes, who ferried Fellaini from Everton and who also brought Mata from Chelsea.

While they are small and large, there are some similarities between the two players. Despite all his ball skills at his feet, rather than his head, Mata had trouble finding a role in United. It often appeared as a square peg in a round hole. This is the kind of player who needs a team built around him, and United will never be like that. Regardless of this, we still get flashes of brilliance, including the free kick launched last night.

After the game, the thirty-year-old revealed that he was negotiating for a new contract. Although he may not be an expert in tracking down, or playing according to strict control rules, Mourinho is not stupid.

None of this should make it appear that the current manager should not take credit. The talent of the Portuguese to read a game and make substitutions at the right time came back to the spot just when he needed it most.

That said, when Juventus fans stopped liquidating, they may have found time to reflect on what one of his predecessors had actually helped make life a little easier for him.

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