Juan Ortega’s bullfighting survives a jinxed date in Alicante

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Days after presenting what would be the homage fair to José María Manzanares, on the 20th anniversary of his alternative, the company Mare Nostrum completely collapsed what was going to be the axis of this 2023 cycle: the solo gesture of the Alicante native on the big day in Alicante, which had to be canceled due to the emergency operation -one more – of the bullfighter on the back. With hardly any time to maneuver, they resorted to the formula of a shortlist formed by Emilio de Justo, the great absent from the Chair, Juan Ortega, and Cayetano, who did not have the pull that the solitary gesture would have caused.

Also as a tribute to Manzanares Sr. in this case -52 years of alternative were also fulfilled this Saturday-, Emilio de Justo chose a cinnamon and gold Similar to what the maestro wore on many of his peak afternoons in this and other squares. The man from Extremadura broke the prevailing coldness with an intense save by Chicuelinas before toasting the sky and starting his task genuflecting, gaining ground. De Justo had to add fiber to the simple charge of Daniel Ruiz’s bull, who achieved the best moments in round when he managed to keep a bull that never gave up. When he was outlined to kill the firecrackers from the outside soundedr among the silence and despite this he managed a superb blow that ended up consolidating the ear job.

He wanted to add another rough fifth trophy, which he provoked with his voice in an effortful task in which he got much more than what the bull offered. But the sword took the prize this time.

They had more flavor than echo the three sets of reception flexed knee of Juan Ortega to the one who made first that like the second he rammed without class. After the opening of the crutch, the Sevillian he tried to impose his silk bullfighting against a bull against style, braking and defending. When he achieved it, he left beautiful passages within a bullfighting complex topping off with exquisite category chained pinwheels. A great thrust secured his ear.

With the sixth Juan Ortega drew extraordinary moments with the cape: from the embedded sets of reception to the exquisite chicuelinas of the later remove. With the hope that he could save the bullfight at the slaughter for the latter, everything was cut short at the beginning when the bull injured one of his hooves. And thus ended up ruining an afternoon already jinxed from the beginning.

Cayetano opened the square with a manageable bull owned by Daniel Ruiz who he treated on the outskirts without the work breaking at any time. Even less happened in the roomwho gave up at the start in a draw and did not offer any option due to his weakness and empty background.

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