Juana Viale, on the photo of Alberto Fernández and Hugo Moyano: “If they do it, why can’t I do it?”

Juana Viale, on the photo of Alberto Fernández and Moyano in quarantine: “If they do it, why can’t I do it?” Source: Archive

Once again, Juana Viale once again raised her voice against the actions of President Alberto Fernández. Indignant, the acting host of Mirtha’s night criticized the president for saying publicly that he did not know the case of Solange Musse, by give a dog to Facundo Astudillo’s mother and for the photo that was taken with Hugo Moyano without a chinstrap nor social distancing.

“How can it be that The President says that he does not know the case of Solange, when it was an issue of national importance? “He shot angrily.” How can the President give Facundo’s mother a dog? “, added. “I was frozen, speechless. Our President is unaware of Solange’s father’s pain … no one is unaware of the issue, except the President of the Republic.”

“They release 5 thousand prisoners and a person who went in search of love, of affection, in search of his daughter, who could have had another end if he saw her, they do not let her pass. It is a negligence of the country, of the state , from the police, from the provinces … And the most perverse thing is that the President says that he does not know the case, “he continued to express with great frustration.

In the middle of the release, Juana made reference to what she lived during this quarantine, when some loved ones in her family died. “My mother’s husband died alone in a clinic, nobody could go to fire him. My grandmother’s sister passed away and nobody could fire her. Very dear people in this program also had to see relatives leave, and no one was able to fire them,” he listed .

“Then you see that a thief was killed and there were five blocks of people firing the criminal, when all of us, who want to work, comply, put on our masks, keep our distance … I have not visited my grandmother since February! I am outraged, and I say it as an ordinary person, “he shot.

While one of the guests spoke about Fernández’s actions at this time, Viale took the floor again. “Suddenly you see him at Quinta de Olivos taking photos, hugging with Moyano and Moyano’s son, when he is punished by the law, “he recalled about that fact.” I see that image and I think … If they do it, why can’t I do it? “



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