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Superior Council accepted judicial police appeal after expiration of appointments.

The Higher Council of the Judiciary decided to return nine positions of specialized investigation personnel (experts) to the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), after the appointment for these contracts – used to investigate the “cement” – expired on August 8.

It’s about ssix auditor posts and three computer scientists, who will now return to the investigation of the Chinese cement case, thanks to the approval of an extension until December 31.

The president of the Court, Fernando Cruz, affirmed that this extension of the term is in accordance with the legal regulations, due to the complexity of this investigation and the “urgent need to attend to the proceedings of the bodies in charge of the case.”

The decision was made this Thursday after the director of the OIJ, Walter Espinoza, He warned in an official letter sent to the Superior Council on August 9, that without the approval of an extension for special positions for experts, the proceedings of the Chinese cement case could not be prioritized.

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Espinoza’s request was supported by the General Prosecutor, Emilia Navas, who criticized that, after the expiration of the positions, proceedings had to be rescheduled.

The discrepancies occurred when the Superior Council conditioned the expansion of these places to the OIJ explaining why they were being used for the investigation of other cases such as “Infocoop” and “Yanber”. In addition, they were required to deliver a work schedule and detail the progress of the investigations. “The Council requires this report because the norm has to be complied with, it is an inevitable formality to be able to authorize those positions to be maintained,” Cruz explained.

“They are permits that are granted within a defined period and the hierarch or head of office that requests it must justify and render reports on the use that will be made of those resources so that the Superior Council determines the budgetary content”, justified days ago the Judicial Power through a statement.

Now, the experts will be able to be part of the investigations of the “cement”, in which it is investigated if benefits were improperly granted in the loans that the state bank granted to businessman Juan Carlos Bolaños.

The specialized agents will also continue with the investigations into the case of the Cooperative Development Institute (Infocoop), in which they are investigating whether embezzlement was committed with public funds that were destined for cooperatives.

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