Judicial war between Milei and Fernández over the depreciation of the peso

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At the beginning of each day, Argentines tighten their seat belts and wait for ten in the morning to arrive, the opening hours of the financial markets: there are always shocks, something unexpected always happens. The last? The angry denunciation of Javier Milei, the ultra-liberal populist favorite for the presidential elections on October 22, who maintains that President Alberto Fernández wants to ban him.

Milei was based on two facts: the criminal complaint for “public intimidation” that Fernández filed against him and the request for psychiatric and psychological examinations that Sergio Massa, the Peronist candidate, demands for those who reach the ballotage [o segunda vuelta electoral] on November 19.

“This chain of events clearly indicates that he Kirchnerism is trying to dirty the electoral process or even ban the political force with the most votes in the August elections because they know that we are just a few points away from winning in October and ending their government of criminals forever,” said Milei, who called for an “Economics exam.” for Masa, who in addition to being a presidential candidate is the holder of this portfolio.

Everything happens in the midst of a financial quagmire of proportions that are not yet entirely clear: the peso pulverizes its value and the threat of hyperinflation, the third in 24 years, is increasingly real. The clash between Milei and the Government broke out on Monday, when He described the Argentine peso as “excrement” and called for people not to save in pesos and to switch to the dollar as a reserve of value.

The events “constitute a severe affront to the democratic system that governs us as a country, resulting in an unusual institutional gravity for the Republic,” says the complaint filed by Fernández, who had been absent from the public scene for a long time and returned to the foreground to horror of Massa, who did not know of the complaint that the head of state would present. Thus, Milei captured the center of the scene with a press conference, the first he gave as a candidate, in which he freely dispatched himself against his rivals.

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