“Juggler’s Tale” PS4 / PS5 Chinese version officially released today “A Juggler’s Tale”

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H2 Interactive announced the official launch of the adventure puzzle game “A Juggler’s Tale》PS4 / PS5 Chinese version, the supported languages ​​are simplified Chinese and English, and will be updated to support traditional Chinese in the future. It is priced at NT$550 on the PlayStation Store in Taiwan and HK$126 on the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong. You can play both platforms by purchasing the PS4 version or the PS5 version. In addition, the Nintendo Switch version is also scheduled to be launched.

  《A Juggler’s Tale“Is an adventure puzzle game. Abby is a little actor imprisoned in a circus-she performs for the audience during the day and is locked in a cage at night, filled with a desire for freedom. One day, she escaped from the circus and embarked on a journey to explore the mysterious world.

Freedom comes at a price, and Abby finds herself being dragged ruthlessly into a dangerous vortex. This medieval fairy tale world was devastated by war, social turmoil, and starvation everywhere. Later, the ruthless killer Donda was hunted down, and a raging river was blocked in front. Abby had to pass through the dangerous robber camp and bypass numerous traps and obstacles. Her adventure unfolds with the lyrical rhythm of Jack the puppeteer. While Jack is telling her story, he firmly grasps the puppet’s thread and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Game Features

  • In the unique puzzle-solving process, use the thread on the puppet to find a way to cross obstacles, fly across the turbulent river, sneak into the dangerous robber camp, avoid dangerous traps, and pursue wonderful freedom.

  • The whole world is based on traditional fairy tales and inspired by it, dangerous and beautiful, waiting for players to explore.

  • With a traditional folk tune and a magnetic narration, you will experience a hopeful and exciting adventure.

  • Explore bravely and completely get rid of the shackles of threading.


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