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COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA – Bolivian singer Julia Irigoyen was already known in the city of Cochabamba and although music was always her passion, the pandemic that plagues her country and the world launched her on social networks. Now she introduces herself as Julia Kani: “the gastronomic youtuber”.

The idea arose, -he says-, when the mandatory quarantine ordered to put a stop to the coronavirus put his career on hiatus as he had no choice but to cancel his presentations and concerts.

It was also in quarantine that she lost her husband, who did not survive COVID-19.

“My children encouraged me and my husband also, they told me how delicious you cook why they don’t make the typical dishes of Bolivia to upload to Facebook,” she told the Voice of america.

This artist began her career in music in the 1990s, as a teenager. After the birth of her children she left the stage, but in 2004 she recorded a solo album that she titled “Julia Irigoyen and the charango killers”.

Her style based on electronic drums and charango, -a string instrument used in the region of the Andes Mountains, with origin in the Bolivian highlands-, took her to countries like Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Julia Irigoyen (Julia Kani) has another dream: to have her own restaurant. [Foto: Cortesía]

Typical dishes on YouTube and Facebook

Familiar as she is with cameras through years of artistic career, Julia is in a better position now that she is debuting as youtuber.

With mischief he presents typical dishes of his region, prepared in a clay and wood oven. Her children support her by recording and editing the videos and preparing the table and the ingredients prior to the task of showing what interests her most: the culinary culture of Cochabamba.

His initiative suggests a sign of hope amid the health crisis in Bolivia, which has left 7,478 dead to date and some 128,872 confirmed cases, according to official figures.

“With this pandemic many people have gotten sick and it has touched me, my husband has left us (…) but the people (tell him) Julia where are you, we want you to continue teaching us,” he told the FLY.

Family of artists and entrepreneurs

Julia’s family, who also dabble in music, supports her in all the projects she sets out to do.

While advancing on the networks and making the news with her YouTube channel, this Bolivian has begun to work on another dream: to have a restaurant with her artistic name. You want to position your brand and continue on social media.

[Versión de Rosa Tania Valdés]


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