Julia Wieniawa SHINES THE DECOLLETE and promotes her debut album (PHOTOS)

Julia Wieniawa she does her best to be talked about artist. In early June, the celebrity presented her vocal skills on Orange Warsaw Festival 2022. The performance was received very positively by both fans and the media. Already then, the star sang a few songs from the debut album “Omamy”, however official the premiere of the album took place on June 17.

Though Julia signed a contract with Kayax record company already a few years ago, this creating a debut album turned out to be not an easy task. At some stage, Wieniawa even took advantage of the help Cuba Karasiathanks to which we managed to finish the work, and the fans lived to see it the long-awaited first album of his idol.

Due to Wieniawa’s debut, the media show great interest in her person. Wanting to get attention even more, the star uses every opportunity to boast of information about the new album. On Thursday, the newly minted artist went to the meeting with Empik and took part in the Online premiere serieswhere she had the opportunity to talk to Agnieszka Szydłowska and answer a few questions from viewers.

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Julka came to the event in a yellow suit and an extremely skimpy top of the same color. The styling was completed with black high-heeled sandals and a large gold chain around the star’s neck.

I am very surprised, I had some concerns about the release of this album. Due to the fact that people waited for him for so long, they certainly had high expectations as well. (…) In music, I am a freshman and everything is new to me, which is also very cool, this is a stop, where I learn a lot and there is no boredom. I was curious how this album would be received, and it turns out to be very warm, immodestly speaking, I haven’t seen any negative opinion, which makes my heart happy because I’m not used to it – she said.

Wieniawa added that she would like some with this album change your image in the eyes of people.

With this album I want to say – I am finishing a certain stage, looking for and shaping my musical identity. Each person I have had the opportunity to work with has helped me bring out and discover the different shades of ‘Omami’. This album is both the end and the beginning. Closing a certain stage and starting a new road. I hope that thanks to these songs you will look at me from a different perspective and we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better – she added.

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It is true that in the West they called her “Netflix’s Marlene Dietrich”, but this dazzling woman of beauty is closer to the exotic mix of Gene Tierney and Lana Turner. Needless to say, anything it grabs turns to gold.

I auditioned and I can’t stop, I want more. Deep lyrics that grab the heart and talk about something important in an extraordinary way, wonderful timbre and vocal technique, a very inventive and catchy melody.

In show business there are hardworking craftswomen, focused on profit, but sometimes there are also ambitious, exceptionally talented artists who have a lot to convey. Wieniawa belongs to the latter group. As a person who works with the artistic community, I have to tell you that many of us go to the cinema especially in Wieniawa. For many years, there has not been such an outstanding individual in Polish cinema. She knows how to play everything, has an unprecedented diction, a wide range of expressions, incredibly interprets, creates and empathizes with the character. It is a gem. I am waiting impatiently for the next productions.

I do not know how she sings, but objectively, I must admit that she is stunning with her beauty. Hollywood-like hairstyle, PERFECT wasp waist, perfect facial features. In addition, avant-garde styling that would be suitable for a high fashion catwalk and that inspires millions of Polish women.

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Everything to everyone, she has a nice body and this neckline does not shock at all, the more that she is dressed with taste but !! Why?? she looks 40+ and she is so young and pretty.

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She looks like Chodakowska in these photos

She liked these costumes a few sizes too large for the color of the jacket and paratrooper pants

Oho, paid comments. How many people were there?

what she got with those oversized suits looks terrible

What happened to her mouth? :ABOUT

Shit, those bought comments are so fake it hurts. Mother Wieniawa, give it a rest, we know that you have unfulfilled ambitions, but that’s an exaggeration;).

First 5 comments bought, but I had a laugh reading this????????????????

I feel something that empik will torture her 24 hours in their supermarkets like Sanah. That’s why I don’t like Sanah

I don’t know who this person is and I don’t want to know.

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