Julie McFadden, the nurse who reveals what patients say and see before they die: disconcerting – Libero Quotidiano

What happens before I die? To explain it is Julie McFadden, a Californian nurse who became very famous on TikTok for his videos in which he reveals the last moments of patients’ lives. The American health worker deals with palliative care and therefore knows better than anyone else the moods and psychophysical conditions of those about to embark on the last journey of life. “There is something most people say before they die. It usually is ‘I love you’, or they try to talk to their parents who for the most part are already dead “.

The relationship between those who are about to die and those who have already passed away is perhaps the most compelling, disturbing and at the same time sweetest detail in McFadden’s videos. “It usually happens about a month before the patient dies, they begin to see relatives or friends who have already died, old pets, spirits, angels, who visit them and only they can see them. “It is not a horror movie scenario, however, but a flash of serenity and spiritual comfort after a long moment of suffering, explains the nurse.

For 5 years McFadden worked in a hospice and here he figured out how to pick up the physical signs of impending meltdown in elderly patients: changes in breathing, skin color, terminal secretions, fevers. “Symptoms of the trigger phase of death include changes in consciousness (unconscious) and breathing. Our bodies take care of ourselves at the end of life: the less we intervene, the better.”

Then there is a recurring phenomenon, the so-called “Rally”, which characterizes many end-stage patients. “Suddenly it seems that the patient is better. It can manifest itself in many ways, but many times suddenly they start eating, talking, sometimes they can even walk. They behave as before they got sick, show more personality, laugh, talk, they joke. But they usually die within a few days. “

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