Julie Ricci sublime bride: photo of her union with PJ unveiled: Pure People


The year 2018 was undoubtedly the best for Julie Ricci. The candidate Secret Story 4 (in 2010, on TF1) she became pregnant and gave birth to her son Gianni on September 28th. And, during her pregnancy, Pierre-Jean Cabrières asked her in marriage. A news that did not see the time to share with its subscribers, on its Youtube channel. Just like that of their union.

On Saturday 8 December, the former 31-year-old actor and TV influencer was married. Julie Ricci has not resisted her desire to share some images of this unique moment. So we found out that it was for a tight-fitting, slightly transparent white dress on part of the arms and hips that had broken. The beautiful brunette wore a veil and had a half ponytail, with wavy hair. It was simply divine. For her part, her husband chose a lavender dress and their son was dressed in a frog suit.

Julie Ricci poses with the two men of her life, looking tenderly at her baby. The signature of the official document declaring to marry Pierre-Jean or to his house is also discovered, before going to the town hall. A photo of her bouquet and her wedding ring was also published. Not surprisingly, their subscribers were ready to congratulate them on this happy event.


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