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The cofffret "Anthology", by Julien Clerc. Parlophone / Warner Music

SONG. It started in mid-January, continues until the beginning of 2019 and is called "the 50-year tour" as many years of career. That of Julien Clerc, who in February told us to define himself as a "Song Man", careful to "To compose them well, find the right texts and interpret them well". What shows in a discography that reflects the box anthology with his 23 studio albums (except last, To our loves republished with ten extracts of the tour as a bonus) and three collections of rarities (unpublished, titles out of albums, duets …).

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At the beginning of May 1968, the 45 laps cavalry in front of A and Julian in front of B. The first is written by Etienne Roda-Gil, the second by Maurice Vallet. Two of the songs of Julien Clerc 's first album which starts shortly thereafter with Yann and the dolphins, Friday, The little sick witch, On your steps, Ivanovich … First goal of the melodic affirmation of Julien Clerc, a constant in his career, the collaboration between the three friends, in a sort of pop variety best shot by Jean-Claude Petit. An ace square that enhances the early years & 70s.

More lyric writers will soon arrive, including Jean-Loup Dabadie (At my age and the time it is, 1976), other orchestrators and arrangers, the temptation of a sound of the 80s, which leads to success Lili wanted to go dancing, Heart of the rocker, Girl with nylon stockings… Before returning to Julien Clerc "classic", that ofhelpful (1992) e Julian (1997). And who, since the 2000s (Double childhood, 2005, very beautiful Where are the planes going? 2008), continues to be a model of distinction and lyrical emotion.

anthology from Julien Clerc. 26 CD Parlophone / Warner Music. € 75.


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