Julieta, Romina and Daniela from Big Brother announced a venture together: what is it about

Since the edition of Big Brother ended, the former participants have not stopped receiving multiple proposals to start their new careers. Among those decisions, each one chooses where they feel most comfortable and in this, Juliet Poggio, Daniela Celis and Romina Uhrig, who became friends inside the house, decided to bet on a new venture together to further strengthen the friendship.

The three little sisters have been very close since the reality show ended and now they will continue, since They will be linked thanks to the commitment of a fit project that they decided to undertake together. What is it about?

Although each one has different tastes, and each one began with their business bets or accept different job proposals, where Disney debuted in Fuerza Bruta and accepted to be part of a work by José María Muscari; The former deputy is analyzing a number of proposals that are coming to her; while “Pestañela” will bet on opening a beauty center.

However, all three have one thing in common. they shared during the almost five months of coexistence within the rally: the exercises.

Julieta, Romina and Daniela from Big Brother announced a venture together

As they advanced in their social networks, the three friends took time to project their new venture together on physical activities.

Is about “Fit Girls”, a series of videos that will be available on digital platforms and that it will consist of following gym routines to look and feel good. But they won’t be alone: ​​it will be with a group of girls who train and share their routines.

Juliet Poggio


“Fit girls are coming, this is going to be a bomb”, Juli advanced along with the photos in which she was seen training with Romina and Daniela. The challenge will consist of 21 days of, in principle, abs, along with tips to encourage their followers to train with them from a distance.

Juliet Poggio


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