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Julio Santella spoke of the comparisons between Carlos Bianchi and Marcelo Gallardo and left no doubts

Julio Santella, the historical physical trainer of Carlos Bianchi’s teams, began working with the coach in 1993, in Vélez. He followed him to Rome and Boca. And he won everything with him: local championships, the Inter-American, the Liberators and the Intercontinental. As much as he knows him, he cannot believe that he compares himself to other coaches whom he marked both in the history of Boca and in that of Vélez, a before and after. Not even to be compared to Marcelo Gallardo for his winning cycle at River.

“I am going to say one thing that is not a Chicano, far from it. Sometimes comparisons are made. Yes, no, because Gallardo this or that. He tells him that Gallardo has won the same and that the team is brilliant next to Boca’s And that you can say that comparing the campaign of one and the other, that of Gallardo was important again. But you can’t compare to a guy who became world champion! That he beat the best in the world with Vélez. Let’s be serious. And he did it when Vélez was not yet this Vélez, “said the Professor in” Boca De Selección “, by AM 770.

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Gallardo has 12 titles as coach, of which 11 he won with River, while the rest he did with Nacional de Uruguay. Bianchi has 15 cups as DT, for 6 from Vélez and 9 from Boca, with 4 Liberators and 3 Intercontinental.

For Santella, nothing equals Bianchi’s epic of winning the Intercontinental with the Fort. “Vélez had been champion only once in 1968. That appraises Carlos’s performance, it is a reality, it cannot be denied. It is like people forget … Then Boca came. We must admit that the other was almost a utopia. That Vélez is the world champion beating the best Milan is not a minor thing“Santella pointed out judiciously.

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And he recalled how he met Bianchi: “I met Carlos when he was a player. He comes back from Europe, he was old and I had him in Vélez for the last three years. We had many friends in common, including Carlos Ischia,” he said.

The Viceroy He lived on a 71st birthday Sunday with many greetings from the football environment. And these forceful phrases by Julio Santella served as a final accolade.


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