Julión Álvarez introduces his daughter and suspicions are raised (VIDEO)


Julión Álvarez unexpectedly presented her daughter to the cameras and televisions The controversy quickly became present.

During his visit to Mazatlan, Mexico, the singer took the opportunity to show his beautiful daughter María Isabel.

The interpreter went to a baseball game, in which he threw and hit some balls, and could coexist with his friends.

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And in the same room, Julión showed María Isabel in front of the cameras of the "Fat and Thin" and could see the love that the singer has for the child.

The paternal instinct was reflected when Julion held the child in her arms and spoke to her in a very tender way.

"I'm really happy. I'd dare to introduce him," the musician confessed.

And the presentation of María Isabel was partly due to the fact that the interpreter feels a particular affection for the city of Mazatlán, which he considers his second home.

"There are many people here that I know will be happy to meet my daughter," he said.

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Similarly, Julión Álvarez assured that during the event he coincided with many friends of the guild, which he presented to his heiress with great pride.

After the interview, it can be seen that the singer delighted the audience with several songs while the little María Isabel was rocked by her voice.

To watch the video click here.

A photo of the interview was shared by the program's Instagram account, but the followers quickly became suspicious of the accuracy of the photo.

It all started because the photo shows that the driver Elizabeth Curiel is carrying Julion's daughter while playing with her.

However, behind them there are more people and among the people there is a brick wall, which is why some have commented that the photo has been modified.


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