Junín and San Martín make sanitary measures more flexible due to the coronavirus

The increase in positive diagnoses for Covid-19 caused both San Martín and Junín de los Andes to restrict allowed activities. The truth is that the control of contagions and having been included in the national decree as part of the localities with Preventive and Mandatory Social Distancing enables them to gradually lower the restrictions. The Lanín Park, Junín tourist circuits will open and transit between the towns is enabled.

Until yesterday, as reported by the local committee of Junín de los Andes, the mountain town It has 53 positive cases with an identified contagion link, plus 3 people who still do not know how they became infected. They also highlighted that 16 of all these active cases were defined by epidemiological clinical criteria, that is, they are people living with positive cases with symptoms. Regarding the state, they remarked that the majority have mild symptoms, two people are admitted to the local hospital and another two were referred to hospitals of greater complexity. Since The local committee stressed that the data differ from those reported in the provincial part, due to a delay in the loading of the swabs analyzed with rapid tests.

Given this epidemiological context, a new municipal decree has been in force since yesterday that makes some activities more flexible, although still banning social gatherings. The authorized circulation hours are from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., while shops can open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., although gastronomic ones can do so until midnight.

In the decree approved yesterday, gyms, swimming pools, Pilates workshops, Yoga centers, and other sports centers were enabled. All of them can work from 8 to 22, with the approved protocols. But the asports, religious and cultural activities up to 10 people, tAlso under sanitary protocols.

In addition, walking and cycling are enabled and can be done in a limited way in the circuits Río Chimehuin – Río curruhue (bridge to bridge), Boca del Lago Huechulafquen, on provincial route 61 and that of Lago Curruhue, on provincial route 62. At that point, it was emphasized that they cannot be carried out in groups.

The circulation between Junín and San Martín de los Andes was also enabled. In that town, the Local Emergency Committee met on Thursday and decided to extend the current measures until this Sunday, inclusive.

Social gatherings are still prohibited, but protocolized activities continue to be allowed, as well as recreational outings in the open air within the municipal commons.

But also, from the Lanín National Park announced a “reopening administered“, which in principle will be only for 72 hours. For entry, it will be mandatory to comply with the protocols and current regulations regarding social distancing, circulation, and the general recommendations provided by Sanitary Zone IV.

The reopening will be in the following sectors:

Lacarous Area: Catritre – Quila Quina – Pil Pil: Trekking – Bicycle – Lake and Fishing.

– Área Lacar: Bandurrias – La isle: Trekking – Bicycle – Lake and Fishing.

Yuco Area – Las Corinas – Hua Hum: Trekking – Bicycle – Lake and Fishing.

Cerro Colorado: Trekking – DO NOT PERFORM CULIPATIN in areas with snow.

Rosales Lagoon: Trekking – Bicycle.

Meliquina Area: Trekking – Bicycle -Lacustre and Fishing.

Beautiful Lake: Trekking – Bicycle – Lacustrine.

In all cases, only the permanence of the cohabiting group. In addition, all permitted activities will only be during daytime, Overnight is not allowed anywhere.

It is forbidden to make fire, share mate or drinks, and the fishing activity is regulated according to the current fishing permit. The use of a chinstrap is mandatory and it is not allowed to enter any of the other existing trails of the protected area.

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