Junqueras affirms that the amnesty "it is already agreed" in his appearance in Congress for the "historic day" of the use of co-official languages

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The president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has defined this Tuesday as a “historic day” the debate in the Congress of Deputies that will allow the use of co-official languages ​​in parliamentary sessions.

“For the first time, millions of citizens will feel represented in their own language,” Junqueras expressed first in Spanish and later in statements in Catalan from the lion’s gate of the Lower House. “We overcome a democratic abnormality.”

The ERC leader has assured that the amnesty, like the step taken with the languages ​​in Congress, is part of the agreement reached with the PSOE for the formation of the Congress Board, which is why he has called for “justice sooner”. “It was already agreed.”

He has also considered that the Government has “sufficient tools” both to execute the amnesty and to achieve the recognition of the languages ​​in the European Parliament.

The Government’s information lock on the PSOE negotiations with Junts and ERC is total. The reason is merely utilitarian: without discretion it would be almost impossible for Pedro Sánchez’s bloc to reach agreements. The PSOE prides itself, for example, on having protected the pact for the Congress Board, in August, thanks to the secrecy in which the contacts with the independentists took place. Hence I will continue on the same path.

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